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Strength and Speed chart Empty Strength and Speed chart

Post  Shaunic on Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:18 pm

1: Unable to lift up a pencil

10: Able to wield a knife.

30: Able to wield a Sword

101-200: Able to hold a bazooka

201-300: can make a tree fall from one punch. Able to leave small cracks in brick.

301-400: can break brick in one punch. Can crumble a wall in five.

401-500: enough strength to pick up 3 giant boulders. Hitting the ground would cause a small earthquake in the area.

1-10: Snail speed

11-30: A gamble if hit during attacks or not, incapable of dodging most hits even with replacement jutsu.

31-100: Still a gamble, but with a slightly better chance of not getting hit.

101-200: Can quickly maneuver away from attacks but still lagging slightly in movement so the attack is still slightly likely to hit.

201-300: Quickly able to dodge attacks.

301-400: Fast enough to quickly make a crater when starting to run and make a sonic boom.

401-500: Fast enough to run out of the human eye's visual contact range causing small blurs of the person's image.


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