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Name: Kurokon Shikyo
Age: 16
Personality: Kurokon is not a normal person, not by any means. He is extremely self reliant, to the point of hesitance to speak to his friends about his personal problems. This is because he had no true friendship until he was fourteen. This caused him to be antisocial, and very loyal to the few friends he does have. He is infinitely rebellious. He rarely refers to anyone as their title, "sama, taicho" instead simply refering to them by their last name, trying to be as informal as possible. He doesnt care about other's opinions, but with his friends, he is willing to listen to reason. His utter hatred of stupidity was made because he hates himself. He hates how weak and stupid he once was, and constantly looks down on himself. He loathes himself for such traits.

One constantly running joke of his is how bad his memory is. In truth he barely remembers anything. He forgets things unless he finds them interesting. He constantly invents and theorizes off of other theories. He is often regarded as insane and mentally unstable by his friends, who see past his emotionless facade of utter coldness and disdain for society. He is cold, but he is also understanding, going through his own personal hell made him extremely resistant to emotional pain, at the cost of understanding his emotions. He can easily control his mood and emotions, yet lacks understanding of them. His mental state is completely manipulated by his will. He is a devout christian, but is confused on the matter of jesus. For others to gain his trust takes emense efforts, but it takes much more to loose said trust. He has an uncanny ability to tell when someone is lying, though it can be fooled if the lie is good enough, for him its not a power, but more of a recognition of facial movements and voice changes subconciously. He is a genuis, having an IQ of 156.

Which side: Pirate
Occupation: Swordsman


Speed: 75
Strength: 75
Agility: 25
Power: 25

Energy: 100
Health: 100


History: Kurokon did not have an exciting life until his fifteenth birthday. He raised himself, until he fell under the watch of the marine captain in the district, who tried to straighten him out, as he was a major trouble maker. On his fifteenth birthday the captain made him make a promise. He would give him a devil fruit in exchange for Kurokon working for the marines. The captain had never known Kurokon to break a promise, one of the few things he did not do. He agreed and ate the devil fruit, and immediately ran out of the house. When the captain caught up to him, he asked why Kurokon broke his promise. He said simply that he had not broken it, he was simply going to serve his own marines, by making a pirate crew.
Devil fruit: Logia, Immunity and control/creation of electricity.
Crew: None yet
Goal: Have fun

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