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Post  Zee on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:38 am

Name: Eric Zee (Goes by his last name)
Age: 26
Personality: Serious. Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Quickly.
Which side: Marine

You have 200 stats to spend over the 4 stats. And another 200 to just spend on energy and health.

Speed: 100
Strength: 20
Agility: 60
Power: 20

Energy: 100
Health: 100


History: Eric grew up in a town plagued by pirates. They collected "insurance" from all the local businesses, and when they couldn't pay, they were attacked. That is what happened to Eric's father. His metal smith wasn't making money, the pirates had scared away all the possible customers, and forbade the townsfolk from purchasing weapons. He ran out of money for the insurance, and they attacked his shop and home. Eric saw as the pirates killed his father and mother, and left him an orphan. He vowed revenge on the pirates, and he got it, after a marine came to town. The pirates were away at the time, and the marine was there to bring them to justice. He was a weapons master. But the pirates were too much for him. He was killed, and Eric talked to him during his last breaths. The marine gave Eric a fruit, and said it would give him special powers if he ate it. He said to eat it, and defeat the pirates. So he did. It was the Jiki Jiki no Mi fruit, and it gave him powers over magnetism. He collected iron dust from his fathers shop and confronted the pirates. The outcome is obvious. After the battle, Eric took on the name of the marine who had given him the devil fruit, Zee. That is what he goes by to this day.
Devil fruit: Jiki Jiki no Mi
Crew: Not yet.
Goal: Clear the seas of scoundrel, quickly and efficiently.

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Eric Zee, Marine Empty Re: Eric Zee, Marine

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