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Post  Rinri Aihan on Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:26 pm

Name: Rinri Aihan
Age: 14
Rinri is a very calm person. She finds solace in the sea, her mind often wandering to it when times are rough. She tries very much to be an amiable person, but often overcompensates. Her tolerance for annoyance is quite high, though she does have pet peeves that irk her bubble.

She tends to be a bit flirty at times. Being bisexual, she typically tries to go after anyone she meets, though never much older or younger people. She doesn't believe in marriage, but if she were to have one she would want it to be an open relationship, that way she could still do things with other people, but still show her love to a single person.

Rinri tends to avoid fights if she can. Her skill in sealing has proved quite useful in this aspect. That way, she can stop her opponent before either party can be harmed in any way. When fighting is impossible to avoid she can and will use her fists to beat her enemy down.

Which side: Pirate, arg

You have 200 stats to spend over the 4 stats. And another 200 to just spend on energy and health.

Speed: 80
Strength: 30
Agility: 30
Power: 60

Energy: 100
Health: 100


History: Rinri was born with a peaceful life, she always looked out her window a the ocean that was outside it.. She wanted to go to sea so badly, but her mom and dad wouldn't let her. One day on Rinri's 14th birthday, a man knocked on er window. This man's name was Shaunic. Shaunic got Rinri out her window without her parents knowing. To Rinri's surprise, this man was a pirate, he had a ship and everything. Rinri was sailing on that ship ever since, she could never forget that day.Rinri's voyage was exciting. Rinri was living her dream. he was out on the sea, sailing. She was with pirtaes, but still, it was her dream, and Rinri was living it. Rinri was with pirates out on the sea. Being the kind person that she is.. Though Rinri was fed well and was given a place to sleep while she helped out the pirates, she was never given any booty, though she did get a couple guys...

Devil fruit: None?
Crew: Shaunic's crew
Goal: Survival
Rinri Aihan
Rinri Aihan

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Rinri Aihen!! Empty Re: Rinri Aihen!!

Post  Shaunic on Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:33 pm


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